Monday, September 24, 2007

1st tahong festival

Loc: Cavite

I'm proud that my researcher Gina has mounted this on her own as her partner was sick. Such a smart girl.Being a researcher in this show is definitely not easy. But this girl is just one helluva smart-ass lady.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Beatles tribute with guests Ariel & Maverick

Loc: Sta. Cruz, Manila

We had a Beatle day for no Beatle-ish reason at all.

These guys are just plain gifted. They're too freakin funny for words. Damn, they're amazing.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Tunog tao & the oiliest face this side of showbiz

I do not associate myself with showbiz workwise.
In as much as i can, i steer clear from any of it.
Anyhoo, in any of my live segments, i make sure that the young guest celebs give due respect to my hosts.
Last friday, we had four young celebs as guest for one dance segment.
My researcher reported that the kids didn't even greet my hosts upon introduction.
While they did not showed any form of disrespect to me, let me just say this:
You disrespectful turds have a lot to learn and should always recognize the senior artists.
Oh, the oiliest face I'm talking about is that starstruck girl who looks a lot like KC Concepcion. While KC has breeding, style, class and manners, this one doesn't.
I don't know her and I didn't bother to take a photo either.
When you're a celebrity you're obliged to do what you are told.
You do not exhibit any form of disgust to the crowd, because you are there because of them.
Oh and always carry a shine absorber paper. You're too oily.