Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ocean Adventure??

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Ocean Adventure-April 28, 2005, Subic
That was some adventure indeed. The location was surrounded by water but they failed to provide even just a glass of it. Thank God Lyn was a darling, (read: not her usual pasaway self) and went along with what I wanted her to do. For the first time, she claimed, she wore pair a shorts. She even had to sit through the searing heat and all that because the cue from the studio to have our segment air took quite a while. She didn't mind Brandy the sea lion flapped its stinky flippers causing her shoulders to slightly stink a bit. She even brought baby gabby with her. Her mother was really nice. Production-wise, albeit the countless exchange of fury from the studio, we were able to get over this episode.

And no, no amount of Apology would make my heart change over what I thought of the people from Ocean Adventure. Stupid people.

I've covered countless places which was shittier than Ocean adventure but this was extremely ridiculous. Water? for crying out loud they didn't gave my crew a drop of water to quench their thirst. How completely fucked up was that? We had to endure a three-hour drive to that fucked up location to cover that place (something that they should have been grateful for the media mileage) but NOOO...
Don't get me wrong, I didn't even demand for food. I simply asked if my crew could at least drink, since we've been slaving our asses there under the sun. Had the place been near a business district or where there'd be access to food I would have no problems buying them for my boys. Gawd.
That's how Adventure left Ocean.
And for the killer line folks, this is what made yours truly fume even more.
Ma'am, sino pong magbabayad ng kinakainin nila Lyn Ching?
I fucking give up. Apparently these people have no idea how to be courteous to media visitors.

Monday, April 25, 2005

An event that reeked--seriously

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Nepa Q-mart with Regine & Drew (but I didn't bother to take a pic let alone bring my digicam)-April 25, 2005
My week was off to an amazing start. (note the sarcasm) It's been ages since I produced a wetmarket event. Gawd, it's not even worthy of calling an event. See my the post on my blog with the similar date. Anyhows, we packed up early, and I made Redge return to the studio. The photo was taken inside the studio while Igan was doing the boses ng masa segment with the popular kid celeb, Tolits.

Friday, April 22, 2005

This ain't your ordinary watersports

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And no, perverts, I am not talking about a certain category in a porn film.
Ace water spa with Redge, Andoy & Redge's bagets- April 20, Quezon City

Monday, April 18, 2005

Some more random junk

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Zoobic Safari-October 6, 2004, Subic
Drew was frightened by the crocs, while Redge kept swooning, "Wow, look at all the bags and shoes these (croc's) skins could produce..."
Oh, and that's Reign and Reigen, Redge's, kids.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Showbiz Stripping?

Showbiz Stripped promo with Ricky Lo & Melanie Marquez- April 15, 2005-Fernwood Gardens, Q.C.
Heck, regardless of how they claim, the new show showbiz stripped is still the same bland showbiz talk show for me. Pairing up two very contrasting characters---the lackuster showbiz columnist Ricky Lo and the feisty "quotable queen" Melanie Marquez who immortalized such lines as "Bingi ka ba? Are you DEP?" And "Don't judge my brother, he is not a book," these two might just resurrect the showbiz talk show genre which can compete with the other ones out.
But the contrasting two might just work, let's see this Saturday, 11pm.
Oh, digressing aside. The real picture/camera whores are the ones behind it.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The crazy episode that was Westin

UH Live sa Westin-April 13, 2005, Westin Philippine Plaza, Manila
This is what goes behind the Segment of Boses ng Masa.
Maui Taylor was a guest co-host, although she didn't do much but attempted to dance with my Lola Regine--dancing would not do justice, she was merely bobbing her boobs and pretending to do so. I could've sworn she looked like an overgrown Mahal, contrary to the men's ogling of course. That bitch was totally snobbish and standoffish to the rest of the staff. heck,even to Redge herself. Probably insecure, I don't know.
Tropical Depression Brought the house-er-hotel-er-our set down with their amazing Reggae music that words weren't able to describe. What a performance! I was starstruck with them I wasn't even able to muster up the courage to pose for a picture. Hmp.
Westin was easier than the Island Cove episode where the entire staff was running around not quite sure what to do and which task to pick it's almost stupid. I guess it all boils down to proper distribution/organization of tasks.
While I, spend a fraction of the pre-coverage lounging sleeping and taking mirror images of myself.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Who wants to be a Beauty Queen?

How to be a Beauty Queen workshop by Alma Concepcion- CityLifestyle, Timog Ave, Q.C. April 12,2005
While my boss commended that this coverage went well, I was not satisfied. First off, this doesn't really correlate with me in anyway! The location, I surmise, lack something that could actually mix well with the girls. (for crying out loud, we were in a gym!...which by the way wasn't shown on the photo.) You see, Alma (with the Camera) is holding a workshop for wannabe beauty-queens for summer. So I bet, roughly, 5-10 thousand bucks per student. But geez, what are the odds? All she mentioned were walking and posture, things that even an average jane could get from the internet in just a click. Oh well. She was really cool though, see the pic.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Of two wheels and a where Sadako lives

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Philippine Unicylcling Champions- September 9, 2004- Binangonan, Rizal

It was really cool to see Drew ride it like a pro unicycler. I'm honestly trying to find a perfect description for it. If only my brains would work now.
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Eco-Park Assumption, Antipolo-November 19, 2004
Taken at around 2:00am. This is the apt time the technical crew usually measure out the lights, the camera placement and stuff like that. Afterwards we'd usually sleep. They used the dedolights quite well in this pic, but I think any second Sadako will pop out of the well. Very Creepy.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Si Teng at si Efren from "Darna"---I made Narda disappear

Dennis Trillo's House- San Mateo, Rizal-April 4,2005
As part of Darna's promotion, we barged in at Dennis Ho's (or rather, as what most people know him of--Dennis Trillo) home. Everything sucked in this particular event-It was an ocular set-up. meaning, it wan't seen nor a signal check from the OB van wasn't conducted prior to the event. It was drizzling... no, erase that. It was POURING, and his house was perched literally uphill. The pavement was so slippery caused by the downpour that when Marlvin, my trusty researcher tried to walk uphill to ring the Ho's house (that doesn't sound too good now does it?) He almost slipped. To make matters worse, my service driver was new and got lost on the way to pick up redge. (my host) which eventually talked to her manager which then talked to my PUM and the list went on. As always, we made it through, and Dennis Ho is such a darling that all the stuff which fucked up was eventually overshadowed by the Ho's family's great reception to my crew. Sigh. That was pretty long.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Some More from the archive

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Cooking with Ms. Jessica Soho- Golf Hills Terraces, Capitol Hills, Balara, Q.C. Nov. 5, 2004
I think I spewed a million curse and expletives to last my whole twenty one years of existence just to mount this event. But all that was really worth is when Ms. Marissa Flores, VP for News and Public affairs commended us for a job well done.
Never mind that I had to find to the ingredients from separate parts of Quezon City, forget that the location was expecting me to pay them over P15,000 and forget the fact that Mam Jess herself almost backed out. It was all worth it.
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CalloSpa with Ethel Booba-October 8, 2004-Callospa, Antipolo
Ethel Booba is hilarious! Every statement coming out of her mouth is enough to send you laughing till the live ends. She's really cool. Our ratings shot up everytime our segments would air. The Location was also terrific, Callospa is amazing.
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Gising-giling with the Dancesport champions-October 4, 2004-Danceports Studio, Pasig
Boy, these kids can really dance. I ran out ot things to say. They were really THAT good. Coach Bong, (the one in white) is one of the coolest persons around. Regine was excited about this event, as one of her extreme passion is dancing. Aside from Dancing, she also loves designing dancing costumes. As seen in SOP, so this event was something that made her shriek like a girl when given a huge dollhouse.

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Cooking ala Iron Chef-September 22, 2004, Banana Leaf Curry House, Restaurant Strip, Ayala Alabang
Iron chef? More like a Curse showdown. I think Ate Carol, Christian (our Van Director) and myself spent probably three hours cursing mounting this event. I'd rather keep mum, lest I lose my job. Heee. :)

Friday, April 08, 2005

More dug out of the box

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Food and Trade Expo, November 26, 2004- Manila
This one was with Ms. Carol, my mentor. This was the last event I was with her. I think.
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Halloween Makeup magic with Ms. Cecille Baun- October 26, 2004
Ms. Cecille Baun is one of the Philippine film's most amazing (if not greatest) prosthetic artists around, having the privilege of working with a number of foreign films and even got nominated in a foreign award-giving body for her creations in Platoon, Hamburger Man, etc.
However, her place was really creepy...upon setting foot on it for the first time. there were clay masks of different actors she did. there were a huge white lady which freaked me out. There was the doll that appeared in the Movie "Tyanak" I think i'm going to post the pic, if the the diligent in me kicks in. For now, enjoy.
Okay as promised, here is the very disturbing baby from the movie Tyanak
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Mr. Palengke Senator Mar Roxas-July 30, 2004- Manila
Only problem about this event was it reeked. Literally.
Hell, what can you expect, it's a wetmarket!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

The things you don't see on TV

Christine Jacob's house in Ayala Alabang.

Another one, this I gotta say was one of my least favorite coverages.
Why? Her husband was a total dick to my staff. Screw this rich assed lummox who look down on other people. Don't get me wrong, Ms. Jacob was really nice, I had a grand time with the kids but the husband was entirely something else.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Unang Hirit sa Island Cove

Unang Hirit Summer Episode - Island Cove, Cavite-April 1, 2005
Look for my blog with the same date.

Snooky Serna with Kids Samanta and Sachi-Playzone, Market!Market!-March 30, 2005
I love this woman. For a short time she taught me to be less angry to the "troubled" people of the world. She's amazing.


Mulawin Set/ Valentines with Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez -San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan February 14, 2005
This was probably one of the most smooth-sailing events I had. The only glitch (well, almost glitchy) was that showbiz script took forever to be handed to us. But after that, everything went awfully well that it almost felt foreign for me.

"MELLANISMS"-Melanie Marquez Coverage- Pan Pacific Hotel, Malate-Feb 10, 2005
I love this hotel. This hotel confirmed roughly about eight hours before our agreed arrival time. Sadly Ms. Melanie wasn't here when this photo was taken. She immediately packed up because of some appointment. This is my second favorite. My EP was calling not because of some glitch we did, but to prolong our segment. Mellanisms were hilarious. Some of the lines she uttered during the show:

...Kasi si Ricky LO jine-JET-DOWN yung mga linya ko
...Don't personalize me. Hindi naman ako namemersonal eh.

Man, That was utterly hilarious! Gotta have that tape.

Jolina's resthouse in Tagaytay-Filipinas Farms, Tagaytay-January 10, 2005
Still remains as one my absolute favorite live remote events I have ever produced.To date, at least. Jolina and her folks are one of the most down to earth people (considering their opulent background and all that)I've ever met. Most of the well-off cretins i had the privilege of rubbing elbows and drank champaigne with (haha, erase the latter) were either a bunch of dicks or just plain shallow. But hands down to this woman and her family. They rock. Daddy Jun (Jolen's dad) himself cooked breakfast for my crew, now how cool is that.
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This was taken atop the very vantage point where we held our live, the same place our reporters were seen during news when they do a live feed from the North Cemetery. Only ten of us--see pic below, were permitted in our station's set-up lest that the roof of the small masoleum will fall down. It was quite an experience. I wouldn't diss out what happened on the rival station's experience... Unless you ask me. :)

Fernando Poe Jr. Funeral Coverage-Manila- December 20-22 2004
Sto. Domingo church became my second home during this coverage. I was there 24 hours, sleeping in the OB Van. I would sleep in the night and throngs of people will be outside in line waiting for their turn to see FPJ's remains. I'd wake up seeing the same volume of people, it was a sea of flowing people nonstop.

Gising-Giling-Subic Bay, Olongapo October 10, 2004
I don't remember much about this but cursing for the Subic Bay People for not giving hotel rooms for my hosts. Then again, thankfully everything worked out well.
It should, after all the bloody hardwork. I spent sleeping the entire trip on the way to Subic and returning back to base.

Angel Festival- Santa Maria, Bulacan- September 29, 2004
Similar with the Subic Event, I fell asleep throughout the trip. I was a researcher then for Ate Carol. The live went good. Eagle and Regine were Darlings, as always.