Monday, October 31, 2005

Undas Coverage Day 1-Manila North Cemetery

Naisip ko rin na tila walang saysay.

Sa gitna ng lahat ng ito,
Maganda pa rin ako.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Severed Hosts-Halloween make-up with Cecille Baun-Tandang Sora, Q.C.

OMG time flew so fast, I remember Regine was last year's victim.
This time, it was Drew's turn, hehehe.
His morbid makeup took about less than an hour to do.
The end result? ito
Random Trivia:

-Tita Cecille Baun has been nominated for an academy award for her work in a hollywood action film Hamburger Hill (1986)
-Ironically, she celebrates her birthday on November 1st
-She did everything on her studio by hand. she did tyanak, she painstainlingly attached real human hair on the baby on the lefthand side, and this morbid thing right here freaked my crew out. And mind you, they're all guys.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Oo na, na-star-struck ako, got a problem with that?

Classic Pinoy Horror flicks revisited-featuring Manilyn Reynes-October 24, 2005-Fernwood Gardens, Visayas Ave, Q.C.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A segment that I hardly remebered.
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Note to self: wag uminom pag may event. Waking up with Cancer survivor/ advocate Ms Bibeth Orteza Siguion-Reyna, Alabang, Muntinlupa

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Shooting 4 birds with one stone---literally shooting ito ha

Event # 1 (Live)Waking up with Jon Santos- Ayala Westgrove Heights, Silang, Cavite
We pulled out as usual, around 1-2am Cavite bound. We arrived at Jon's house and he's already up and made sure that all of us had our tummies filled with his arroz caldo and (wow!) black coffee.
John Santos is such a talented impersonator that the first airing of the segment was a hit, I think our segment even took longer but the studio was busy laughing at his antics of impersonating each character he has portrayed to even care of having the segment wrapped due to time constraints.
All in all, the coverage went really good. After we packed up we drove back to Manila.
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Event # 2 (Taped)Concert session with the APO Hiking Society-Thirdline, Inc. Loyola Heights, Q.C.
Arriving in Manila before lunchtime, we then arranged for another shoot. This time the APO which will be taped as live. Meaning we're gonna tape it and make it appear as live (still with me?)
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(L-R) Boboy Garrovillo, Danny Javier & Jim Paredes
Boboy Garrovillo is a funny fella he kept distracting my commands
Danny Javier does watch our show and even demonstrates one of our hosts' popular spiels. Love Anover's "...and everythaaaaaaaang!"
I loved talking to Jim Paredes-- we're like the same age, he blogs, he likes Rex Navarette and he's really nice
At the end of this day I immediately passed out. I badly needed the rest
GMA News & Public Affairs trade fair- SM Davao grounds, October 8, 2005, Davao City
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It has been said that Davao is pouring buckets during nighttime, Image hosted by Photobucket.comwhich spelled doom because the trade fair will be held at the SM city grounds and when it rains mud will surely be the highlight of the fair. Lo and behold the night before the trade fair it never rained, not even a drizzle, so we're not complaining even if the heat caused some of us to really turn dark and some were extremely sweaty.

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Every show has its respective gimmick and ours (Magic sing karaoke) was a hit. After more than 5 hours of the countlesa wannabe singers, three generationn of singers emerged after much deliberation from the judges (our bosses) and these three performed on stage. the grand winner won a magic sing microphone amounting to about Php13,000.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Davao Invasion!

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Unang Hirit Tambayan sa Davao- October 7, 2005, Davao City
Nahnah said I'm lucky to actually being able to sleep before this coverage as compared to the previous ones wherein the shut eye is actually non-existent. This is my second time covering an event working on a different team.
Hours before the actual live seemed forever and I honestly looking forward to reaching for the wonderful bed covers but I still have a live coverage to think about. Before I knew it, everything is over, the people are happy, hell the crowd became rowdy and the director commended the team for a good job.

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Our hosts even got interviewed on "Testigo" a Davao counterpart of GMA-7 Manila's 24 Oras
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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Okay, use her up until everybody gets tired of her
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Waking up with 2005 Miss International-Richmonde Hotel, Ortigas, Pasig
Teng, call (fill in the name of a certain organizer from Bb. Pilipinas here) so that she can screen the questions your hosts would ask...

Was the text message of my team head when she told me to go for this assigned coverage. I've heard about how Bb. Pilipinas being notorious about protocols and their very strict guidelines when it comes to media exposures of the beauty titlists and I have no choice but not to bend their rules. After all, this segment would certainly be a hit, as Precious Lara Quigaman is the hottest item this week after winning the Miss International title which mader Melanie Marquez snatched 26 years ago.
There were Japanese press people all over the presidential suite of the hotel where Precious was staying, I felt like they were a part of this clandestine operation or something. They seem to also be watching every single move of my crew the entire time we stayed in the suite, for over 3 hours. I felt one move and we're dead.

Then again it must be the loss of sleep and exhaustion in me talking causing paranoia. Hay

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Boksingero na naman?!
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Tatlong Dalawang, boksingero, isang segment, sampung oras-Manila City Hall, Manila, Bansang Pilipinas-October 3, 2005
Sa ikatlong pagkakataon, ang mga dakilang kampeon na nagpakilala sa isla ng Pilipinas ang aming tampok sa aming live remote segment sa Unang Hirit. Sa aking pagkakatanda, eksaktong isang linggo na ang nakakaraan, (mag-iskroll down sa baba) amin nang ipinakilala si Hawaiian Punch, ngunit sa pagkakataong ito ay kasama si Boom-Boom (ipagpatawad aking nakalimutan na ang kumpletong pangalan), at si Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. Sa kasamaang palad at sa sama ng trapik ng lungsod ng Maynila, at sa sama ng pakiramdam ni Pacman, dalawang boksingero lamang ang nakarating--dumating sila kung kelan mga alas-otso-kinse na, quinse minutos bago matapos ang aming programa.
Pero hindi naman namin sila masisisi. Sino ba naman kami para magreklamo? Sarap kaya ng nakatambay lang sa VIP room ng Mayor's office na puro lokohan at kwenthuhan lang ang aming ginagawa at pakainin ng libreng burger at bottled water ni Mayor.
Si Mader Eagle walang ginawa kundi mag-text habang nakatambay, si ate Regine naman ay nagaayos ng kanyang mga ka-chuva han sa isang tabi habang nagchichikahan kami. (O diba, we get paid to do this?! Nyahaha)Image hosted by

Nang dumating ang aming feature sobrang dami ng groupie entourage ng Manila Mayor na si Mayor Lim (naku sorry hindi kasi ako taga Maynila at hindi kami close ni Atienza, haha as if naman si Lim at ako at close) Hindi ko manlang sila na-picturan dahil parehong puno ang aking mga kamay sa pag-eexecute ng order. Wala pa silang limang minuto sa loob ng VIP room at lumayas na sila, matapos ang halos sampung oras na aming pagtambay sa VIP room na Maynila, limang minuto silang umere. Wow.
Yes, we do this for a living and damn hell am proud of it!