Friday, August 26, 2005

A smooth-sailing event albeit the crowd and the heat

Malolos kasalang bayan-Barasoain Church, Malolos, Bulacan- August 24, 2005
Ah, yes. Every ingredient for this live remote event spelled tough crowd-wise because 50+ couples ain't easy to maneuver. Surprisingly, the crowd was really cooperative, the elements (free flowers and buttonaires, free make-up, free reception-the magic of exchange deals, ladies and gentlemen)are close to perfect.
Brides and grooms came in different shapes and sizes- from the old to the not so, from pregnant would be brides to kids who knew what they're doing. (at least they look like kids, IMO.)Anyway who am I to judge? It was their day to have their partnership legalized, we were just there to cover it and give freebies. Many many thanks to Raymond my amazing co-worker and researcher for this one.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Kids breaking in the biz has a high probablity of being gay in their adult phase
Image hosted by
Dolly Anne Carvajal and IC mendoza, Venue 108, Timog Ave, Q.C.-August 22, 2005
And this is not to say that it is a negative thing, I adore IC Mendoza! What a great kid. His mother Dolly has come to terms with the fact that her son is gay, and I find that cool because not many moms would. She even bashed (well almost but since this woman is highly educated, she resorted on being politically correct) a rising teen actor in defense of her son. (article) Dolly Ann is daughter of the late queen of showbiz talk shows Ms. Inday Badiday. Ms. Dolly is a showbiz columnist for the Inquirer and is a TV host before. IC Mendoza is breaking into the biz as a segment host for S-Files.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I think I have a better place to put my P100,000 had I acquired it

For a 10x10 feet store similar to a Divisoria pwesto, my instinct, (and common sense)tells me you wouldn't certainly get your money's worth if you invest on your 100,000 (excluded the items, take note) selling children's accesories/ teens apparel in the middle of a middle class neigborhood. The 100T is only paying for Jolina's name. You, in the event you decide to franchise on Jolen's name, must also buy 100thou worth of accesories from them as well.
In fairness to Jolens, she would fully support the project, with a motorcade, countless promotions on TV (like this one) and of course access to her and her family.
Pero hell, P200,000 pa rin yun if you think about it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Celebrity rides

(Mang James the cameraman trying to get the lorna tolentino's Motor home's rear)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Drag queen-esque make-up, pseudo diva attitude and nonsense prancing
I knew it from the beginning. I just don't want to jinx myself that this is something I'm not looking forward to. I don't like dance coverages. Hindi pang sayaw ang byuti ko. Some cheapo (in green rags) on Regine's right side acted smarter than she typically is when she acted all I'm-sikat-you're-not by saying na WALA SILANG CHOREOGRAPHY NG ISANG SAYAW FROM THEIR [cheap effortless] ALBUM. Calling it as such would be an insult to some. I retorted that they will be provided sufficient time PARA MAGREAHEARSE, That shut the tramp up.
Lady, don't mess with somebody who lacks sleep. I swear hindi maganda ang mapapala mo.
I don't stoop down my level, smarty

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Food overload kay Regina Maristela Vera-Perez

Likas na mahilig kumain ang lola kong si Regine. Kaya hindi na ako magtatakang mahihirapan akong ipa-standby ang bruhang ito nang kami ay mag-cover sa 5th World Food Expo na naganap sa World Trade Center sa Pasay.
Lahat sa nasabing pagcocover ng event ay nabusog sa iba't-ibang klase ng pagkain.
Except sa bwiset na Nestle segment kung saan gumawa ang 3 HRM estudyante ng dessert, okay ang live event na ito.