Wednesday, January 24, 2007

8th Halamanan Festival

Municipal Hall, Guiguinto, Bulacan
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1. Covering Festivals is such a breeze if shelly is my researcher
2. Everything went so packing smooth I didn't even break into a sweat, haha
3. Sure, a festival about plants is such a ho-hum thing to cover but learning how much people are so passionate about their plants (Bonsai chorva) is something. Who wouldve thought bonsai are so revered and are such a big deal to these folks?
4. Perhaps most of the people I was working with are wondering why this bitch of a SP is in such a jolly mood. She was all smiles the entire time. Trying to suppress her kilig, perhaps?
(uuuy, bakit kaya)
5. Para kayo'y matawa, eto na lang. Isang bloggable conversation during one of our long breaks before the live airing of the segment. Shelly, Regine, Kuya Toto the cameraman and Eagle were having a relaxed conversation about their biggest phobias while I was texting away. (kiligers)

Shelly: (in her ultra hyper tone, as expected) ay nako ako talaga takot ako sa ahas, yaaaak!
Regine: Oh my gaaaad ako naman I so hate spiders, kaya hindi ako makapanuod ng charlotte's web
Tenggers: (i butted in, op kors) yuck ako lumilipad na ipis saka madilim na lugar, katakot
Eagle: Ako pekpek. Pota, ilayo nyo ako sa pekpek.
Toto: Edi akin na lang.

Dear viewers,
In behalf of my crew and staff, please apologize us when we break into those vulgar conversations. Perhaps when we go out in remote you might be wondering why we talk like that. It is just part of what we do here in remote, to kill time. We assure you that our best intentions is to give you the stories with most sense and coverages that suit your interest.
Yours Truly,
Tenggers/ Tenggay
UH Events/Remote SP

Monday, January 22, 2007

Silip sa shooting ng "The Promise"

Mansion something sa Brgy Maitim, Tagaytay city

Walang may hindi kilala sa tambalang ito ng GM@-7. Kaya to earn big bucks na naman aside from their usual TV shows, aba, why not make a movie out of their love team?
Ergo, "The Promise"
And binibida nila dito ay ang kanilang "Love scene", claiming that this is the first time for the two. (Talaga lang ah)
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"The Promise" starring Angel Locsin & Richard Gutierrez
Opening on Valentines Day
GMA & Regal films co-produced this chorva film, tse.

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Alyssa struggling with the script, ponyeta

1. Ang Tagaytay ay malamig; it is never wise to wear my trusty 3 inch platform havaianas dahil hahamugin ang talampakan ko. Siguro kaya sumakit ang tyan ko. I have no idea whats the connection, haha.
2. Kapag sinabi na ang shoot ay 5pm, expect na magsimula kayo ng shoot 4 hours later.
3. Overrated ang mga artista na to, tse. Pero okay naman sila.
4. Guest host Alysa Alano is clueless as an interviewer. The only thing that made it worthwhile was because mali-mali sya mag-english, and the viewers like that. Maraming viewers= higher ratings. Ugh, Pinoys have this penchant of making fun of those people who can't speak English correctly kasi, tsk,tsk. What the hey. That's why Alyssa is so popular sa Youtube. Poor kid. She's so sweet though, and she's loving the instant fame.
5. Pressure mounted when my EP (executive producer, my boss) told me to produce a teaser plug to be aired on Saturday para tumaas ang rating at manood sa Monday airing (eeeeep, pressure?!?)
6. I'm not gonna waste my money watching that, tse.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Behind the scenes ng "Muli"

Ternate, Cavite
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2nd Segment: Interviewee: Alfred Vargas, Ms. Malaysia Carrie Lee

Drew: Salamat po, we'll be back after these few messages, back to studio!

[bojeckphone rings, sitti's song]
everyone looks at me
ako: hunnie! [deadma sa lahat] after a few minutes, okay back to work, I'm good!
1. My head was pretty upset by my abrupt decision that almost compromised the crucial live airing of this segment.
2. Bumawi ako sa 2nd segment (pictured above), and the 3rd (below).
3. I apologized and humbly accepted my fault, even if dinidedma nya ako ngayon. Normally I never say I'm sorry, being such a monster and an ass but I was smiling, I'm deriving all the inspiration kasi eh, *uy, alam na nya kung sino sya*
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Monday, January 08, 2007

Welcome to the Largest floating bookshop in the world, and Oldest passenger going ship (heck, Titanic was just older by 2 years)

MV Doulos, South Harbor
The entire duration of the shoot, my mind was somewhere thinking of someone else.

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my favorite part was when I was taping my last segment and I had to pick up my phone.
I was Simply in bliss.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hawaiian chorva food with Tessbomb!

Polu Kai restaurant- Market! Market!
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