Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

Snake day- Screw "Kamandag"

Guest: Inez Veneracion
Location: Novaliches ata, can't remember

Ask me why Snake day?
This was supposedly for tha launch of the GMA Primetime show that I know nothing of, nor care for that matter.
But they didn't really gave us anything their show related, so we mounted our own reptilian event, with boas in tow.
It's short airtime, or worse, nothing at all-- is every live morning tv remote producer's nightmare.
That took place during this event.
It didn't helped that there are some annoying loud people to worsen the already fucky situation.

Special thanks to Inez Veneracion's tsismis and gay quips. She made my day.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Huwag gayahin

A note to aspiring young kids: Don't let success go over your head too much.
that's unhealthy.

Nadine S@monte hasn't earned too much to declare herself as a diva.
Kid, don't give us the attitude. Do that when you've earned yourself to gain respect. Because even Ms. Manilyn Reynes herself is well grounded, and she's got everything in the world to act like one, yet, she's remained modest despite her success.

Just because your face is adorning the billboards in obscure places doesn't give you the authority to act like did to my researcher.

Monday, November 05, 2007

The transformers of Marikina city

Marikina city hall, Marikina

1. Truckie the UH mobile truck wasn't there. The Marikina government office offered a truck that resembles truckie.
Too bad it rained pretty hard at the location, forcing us to move inside the city hall premises.

2. A group of Cosplay fanatics are the brains behind the cool costumes worn by the three hosts. Mark Cerezo & the rest of ground zero

3. I was in a good mood during the entire duration of my event. I wonder why. no Edric, it's not you. I'm actually nice already. Haha

Thursday, November 01, 2007

2007 Undas Coverage

Manila South Cemetery, Makati, MM.

This is an annual event wherein unnecessary stress occurs.
Efforts have gone kaput.
On a lighter side, thankfully I get to experience this once a year.
I love my job, after all.

One thing we've learned-- there are a lot of pinoys making a living watching over the dead.
This old lady right here lives in the cemetery, cleaning the tomb of some person she works for.
She gets paid 600 a year. Whoa.