Sunday, January 29, 2006

January 27, 2006- Pre-Dinagyang Presentation slash chinese celebration, La Paz Plaza, La Paz, Iloilo
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This has got to be one of our toughest pre-production EVER. Simply because we were in a place we have no knowledge of, we have no vehicle service, we only depended on riding taxis, and we were pressed for time.
But the good ones, as always, outnumbered the bad ones.
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I think the most disturbing part of the show was when the Dinagyang mascot Dagoy started flirting with the chinese mascot. Marie and Ate Carol, the two people who are frightened of mascots are probably thankful there weren't assigned to cover this assignment as they would surely find this scary.
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But it was actually cute, heee. :)
January, 25, 2006/ 2:00am
I have this mindset of my live remote event. In lieu of the chinese new year, we've asked to come up with a chinese related event. So we've preoceeded to produce a very scrumptious chinese buffet menu at the Shangri-La.
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Everything was all set, until I saw my team head's message on my phone at around 2:00 in the morning.
Call me. Surprise.

The next thing I knew, Nahnah and I were off to Iloilo for the 2006 Dinagyang Festival coverage.
So ate Carol took over my chinese food event.
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It's evident who enjoyed the event.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pussy Overload sa umaga-Fernwood Gardens, Visayas Ave.Q.C.
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(Okay that seriously didn't sound right)
Let me rephrase that.

Conversation with Kuya Drew
Ako: Kaw lang ang pwedeng humawak ng pussy ha, reg can't cuz she's allergic to them
Drew: Aaaww.. she can't stroke the pussy.. sad.
Ako: Gagu

Monday, January 16, 2006

And the word of the day is...
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Bakit kamo?
Ganito ang storya. Birthday ni Kuya Andoy, A.k.a Drew at syempre, in true Pinoy TV style, gagawan namin sya ng TV special sa Unang Hirit. Kinailangan naming nag-isip ng related sa berday cum wheather boy.
Fitness freak kasi si manong drew, kaya we thought wat the hey bakit hindi natin sya paglutuin ng high protein food with a hot chef and a sexy actress. Gabi na ng mag-confirm si Angelic@ J0nes, isang local starlet. (read: bimbo-bimbo-han, tanga-tangahang girlah)
So matapos ma-late ng loka-loka, nakipagchikahan ako sa nanay niya. conversation below

ako: Tita, naghahanap kasi ako ng pedeng i-relate ni @ngelica kay drew, mahilig ba sya sa sports:
nanay: ay, oo naman mahilig yan sa sports! saka sa prootch
ako: huh? ano pong prootch?
nanay: prootch! edi yung prootch! orange prootch, grape prootch, prootch juice.
ako. ahhh. oo nga. si drew din mahilig sa prootch
prootch= "fruits"

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

4th Palaisdaan Festival sa Navotas
Upon arriving at the location, the reeking stench from the water embraced us along with the chilly air. I'd welcome the latter, and we eventually got used to the former. Aside from being seen on TV bitching during a live segment, my host namedropped me claiming I was a source of a certain showbiz tsismis.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Jewel in the Palace? Nasan ang Jewel?
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Lady "Chan" (literally sounds "tyan"), lady Onor, and Lady Ching
GMA compound Castrillo grounds

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Teri sa tambayan-Brgy. Kaligayahan, Zabarte Subd. Novaliches-Dog Tricks with Teri the guest host
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I super love Teri! One of the most professional people in the biz. Never mind the problems we have to go through, not to mention a pasaway host that made me bleed due to anger haha the previous night, it was worth it.
I really have this affinity towards gay people haha
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The Dog tricks with Mr. Randy Macalma went great as well.