Thursday, May 25, 2006

Alimango Festival-Calauag, Quezon

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This is by far, the farthest LIVE REMOTE EVENT I've covered travelling by land. The 7 hour drive (stopovers included) should be worth it, I told myself. Pffft. As if I have a choice. The Alimangos from Calauag Quezon are gargantuan, they look menacing and cruel. Or probably it's just me frightened since I am not accustomed with seeing such humongous crawling creatures.
Highlight segment: Discussion about "gay" alimango courtesy of eagle
Without sweety shellybons, this event wouldn't be possible. I love her!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Merit notebooksPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Napakapangit na shot naman nito. Hmp.
I now have a whole lot respect for the folks who manufacture notebooks. I look back seeing myself when I was in higschool recycling some of my notebooks. Imagine the spring notebooks are manually inserted in each holes on the paper, wow!

Sidenote: a week after this event the competition called the notebook factory saying they also want to do a live segment similar with what "Unang Hirit" did.
gaya-gaya. pwe.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Monofin 101-Amoranto stadium pools, Roces Ave, Q.C.
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Nothing could make IC happier in this event. IC, D0lly Carvaj@l's kid is turning to a woman as he flirts while the trainer attempts to "train" him using Monofins.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

[walang picture, anong silbi mag-effort?]

PRICE WATCH SA M3GA-Q-MARKETPLACE (or something to that effect)
Cubao, Q.C.
I couldn't care less if N3PA-Q-MART changed its name to something else.
Nakalimutan kong ilagay sa "hates" side ng blog na ito ang PALENGKE. I super dread having to hold coverages in the wet market. Hindi ako maarte; aba namamalengke kaya ako, I just think "price watch" are supposedly the straight NEWS program's jobs to take care of. I think wasting more than three hours in a fetid market with flying roaches and getting your poor crew get their asses down and dirty isn't worth it at all. But typically holding our events here usually means one thing: Walang Storya.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mother's day flowers-
Bulaklakan ng Maynila para kay Inay

Dos Castillas Cor. Dimasalang st.
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Narito na naman ang panahon kung saan dalawang beses tumataas ang presyo ng mga bulaklak than its regular amount. Ito na naman ang panahon na dinudumog ang bulaklakan ng Maynila ng mga tao upang bigyang pugay ang pinaka importanteng babae sa kanilang buhay.
Oh yes, it's mother's day season once again.
Hindi lamang dapat tuwing mother's day ang pagbibigay pugay kay inay no. Dapat araw-araw noh.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mother's day gift ideas sa Ti3ndesitas with T3ssa Niet0 as guest host
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Ayoko ng Vig@n empan@da. I don't see what the hoopla is all about.
I may have an Ilocano blood but never would I enjoy another Vigan empanada. It's too sinful. I could just imagine the look on Drew's face upon learning I downed almost two large pieces of Vig@n emp@nada. Him being the epitome of healthy eating would defintely don a sorry look on me. I can't believe Tes$a Niet0, one of my favorite people in the world ate too much and not gain weight. Arrgh.

So on with the event...
We opened Tiendesitas very early to give a headstart on what to give moms on mothers' day. Nothing too fabulous or extremely fancy, everything was nice and subtle, and I was just pissed that we weren't given enough exposure because the supposed three gaps was reduced to two. That sucks

Monday, May 01, 2006

Taped as live na nga nachorva pa
Dapitan Arcade, Dapitan Street, Q.C.

Drew hosted, and everyone can't wait to leave the location as soon as we tape our supposed live feed. The story here was the supposed summer sale of the export overruns sold in Dapitan. After taping three tedious segments using only one camera (which proved to be a challenge,) we hurriedly went back to base. Imagine the horror of having to find out ON AIR that drew did a second TAKE (GASP!) and they (the people in the studio, the assistant director, pointedly) actually forgot to note, that there was a take two.
but It isn't my fault anymore. Oh well.
Shit happens