Thursday, March 29, 2007

Style for dogs?

San Francisco Del Monte, Q.C.
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Sorry. I think clothes are left for humans to wear not for dogs. When I get my own dog, I wouldn't let em wear stupid frilly lookin dresses, or any clothes, for that matter.
Poor fella whos gotta put up with the agony of donning this pink number. Hahahaha

Friday, March 23, 2007

Splash Island Beach resort segueway sa Summer OBB shoot ng Unang Hirit

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Live Event 5:15am- 8:30am
1. Not bad for a resort, wave pool just looked icky. (As if naman apektado ako dun hindi naman ako marunong mahilig lumangoy
2. Live remote show my mind was wandering, I loved that wonderful distraction, kiligers. It's not even a distraction, it's an uncontrollable impulse my mind constantly does. Uuuuy.

Unang Hirit Summer Obb Shoot 10:00am-4:00pm
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The UH Jeep that traipsed down from GMA Network Center in Manila to Binan, Laguna

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One of the scenes where Love seem to lash out her frustration to Regine & Lyn (shempre joke, they're just too cute)

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Teng's point of view:
(Staff-photo op nila naks- L-R Suzette, Ate Carol, Ate Jean the bossing, Ate Sharon, Carmelo, CJ and pretty in pink Shelly--All of these are women, mind you)

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Ate Carol's point of view from her camera

1. Obb- Opening Billboard- This is what you see, (like a music video) whenever a show starts.
2. Every year we have a summer OBB shoot. This runs the entire summer season, for two months.
3. Over-all rating of the resort on a scale of 1-10 being 10 the highest- 8 Not bad because the weather in Laguna is nice, as opposed to last year's location
4. This year's absentees: Eagle & Drew- May sakit daw
5. During the shoot, my mind still kept wandering, I so loved that wonderful uncontrollable impulse my mind constantly does. Uuuuy.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Summer Tiangge Shopping

Tiendesitas, Ortigas
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Shelly had been through hell with this pre-production. Normally, our event requirements would be okay and ready to be mounted for the next day by 4pm the day before live. But this time it wasn't the case.
Artista related events aren't reliable. I said so because artistas schedules are crazy, which is why our supposed event didn't worked out so Shelly had to look for a back-up story.
She discovered an amazing Pinoy chef who used to work for a royal family in the middle east, and as soon as it was given a nod by the boss, she went to cavite to conduct a quick survey of the location, along with raymond. On her way there, and myself just at the network, it was decided *sigh* that the chef could not possibly fill up the 3 segments required for the show. I argued that it could, but I didn't win. The boss decided that it would be better to feature summer must-have shopping tips.
So shelly flew from cavite to ortigas in a span of four hours, juggling activities such as explaining to the chef why we can't conduct a live event at his place, sitting through traffic and getting the event requirements for the shopping segment. She wasn't able to go home and change her clothes. She insisted that it was okay and that she's used to that. Apparently her aging segment producer (Ako, haha) is not used to that alnighters anymore. Had she not been my researcher I wouldn't stick around to wait for her until she gets back.
Funny thing was, cum live show we aired only twice, as opposed to the usual 3 segments required. That got me thinking, maybe we could still feature the amazing chef after all.
But who are we to complain?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Whiterock beach resort

Subic, Zambales
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1. We could use a little more airtime you know. We've travelled for three frickin hours to get to this wonderful frickin beach and all you could give us was one measly, lousy airtime? Come on, how about a little appreciation from us in remote?
Tse.After slaving for more than an hour with my script I only get one time big time airtime? How about the effort of my researcher in coordinating and my technical guys having to go through shit for this?
At least we got to relax and this crazy producer just tried to enjoy the sand on her toes, despite the idiots she's had to deal with during the coverage in subic. (read: guys who think they frickin know better, whatta bunch of losers) Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A mouthful of SH's

Segment Title: Showgirl showdown with sheree and shirley
[with shelly as my researcher]

Still with me?
Ms. O Ballroom and restaurant, West Ave.
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This segment will be dedicated to my researcher, shelly.
Dear Shelly Bonelli,
Never have I've worked with a researcher with such fervor and passion with what she does. Don't let a stupid measly dispute make you give up all what you've earned in this biz. Shit happens, but like I always tell you, the good events outnumbers the bad ones, I'm really proud of you.
You know you're smart, you have the drive, you know you're one of the best.
So one more attempt at resigning I'm gonna spank you really hard. Bruha ka.
Ate Teng