Friday, September 15, 2006

Who the pack is Br@d Tur\/ey?!

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Well, for starters, he was is a model.
He is not Pinoy (as far as what my researcher has told me; he has chinese/ scottish blood raw)
He used to date P0ps (gasp!) F3rnandez, who I believe is old enough to be his mum
I have no idea how he was discovered here in the Philippine shores as a model
He lives in this Posh condominium and is packing filthy rich, as seen in his wonderfully beach-inspired loft
I do not find him cute at all, he's ac tually quite a bore
He now dates N@ncy C@stig--whichever her name is spelled, a local celebrity who used to date my (double gasp!) host Dr3w
I wonder how these guys coped up with my segment
Did they compared notes
Hell, I can never tell