Monday, May 14, 2007

Eleksyon 2007 Coverage- Day 1

The coldest, longest 15 hours
(Sa Loob ng War room)

War Room: Where the remote coordination from various remote points all over the country are done

Linggo, 10:30pm: I arrived at the station with the feeling of dread: I was too early so I had no choice but to be alone in the office (one of things I hate because it's nighttime and I'm such a chicken)waiting for ate carol, who has the same shift as I do.

12:15am: Ate Carol finally arrived and we both realized that we're too early still. We loitered around the station, ate checked out stuff that needs to be done, oddly, not too many people were around. We started wondering if there was any coverage at all. It was too calm that we were afraid a surge of people would come in a flash.

2:00am Following a midnight snack and a quick power nap, things got rolling at the war room. War room started to get busy. All the bosses were there! I thought to myself: "Daym this is such a big deal!". (I can be such a kid sometimes)
After Ma'am Jess' prayer, the entire room were in whoo-hoo mode and energetic screams.

4:00am The official start of one of the longest coverage I've been in: Think Unang hirit times three. I'm not complaining, I'm thankful I was inside the station. I feel for those who were in the remote areas because the temperature outside was scorching.

8:00am I checked out the clock and was surprised to see it was only 8am, I was used to that hour being close to our morning show's ending. I still had five hours left on my shift. Five freakin hours!

1:00pm: With ate carol's evident reluctance, I dragged her out of the war room: I was getting cranky and tired and our shift's over. I can't wait to hit the sheets.

1. I didn't get to vote.
2. Caffeine doesn't wake me up the way it used to; or maybe the instant coffee wasn't just strong
3. Energy drinks were not effective too.
4. I kept nodding off my sleepiness at the war room: Me after all these years of working at abnormal hours, still the eternal sleepyhead
5. Mam Jess, still get me all starstrucked despite working for her in the news department for the longest time. She's one of those people who's got a presence and one of the kindest bosses around.