Tuesday, October 09, 2007

2nd Alimango & Sugpo Festival

Location: Orani, Bataan

Monday night, 11pm: Dragging my sleepy carcass to work, I pondered why so early. I arrived at the station seeing the crew & the rest of my team gettin ready to pull out from the station.

11:10pm: Bataan bound. I plugged my earphones and drowned in ricky martin's spanish canciones. *sigh* I slept on the way

1:20am, Tuesday- beautiful location. I remember I was also here last year. This year is way organized than last year's. I liked that.

2:00am I zonked back to sleep

4:30am: Alarmed upon waking up to see the watch. Crap! I overslept. I got ready.

5:15am- start of the show

8:30am- show ends, pack-up

9;00am- breakfast. I didn't go crazy over the food. I'm allergic to em.