Monday, January 28, 2008

Pinoy inventors day and Pinoy Pride

Brgy somewhere

brgy apolonio, balintawak, q.c.
Pinoy achiever's day sa uh mobile tambayan

finally! An event with a concrete content and substance, sans the typical dance and song.

1. Coin-tainer. A very smart device used to sort coins. Say adios to counting, it automatically sorts the coins.

2. styro cutter- for arts and crafts fanatics. This is shaped like a sewing machine, makes cutting styrofoam easier. You can form various designs.
not really applicable to uncreative people such as myself.

3. multi functional tool. For industrial whatsitcalled.
The same guy also introduced the multiple polvoron molder.

4. Gcars and electric tricycle.

1. Segment 1 was really smooth. Everything fell according to plan. I loved the shots.

2. segment 2 was the most informative part. Had it not been short of time. Tangina kasi tong si mareng winnie, ten minutes ba naman umere.