Thursday, July 07, 2005

(almost) bente kwatro oras with melanie marquez-day 2

Melanie's Typical day-running all over Makati-July 7, 2005
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9:30am-Informed Ms Melanie we're downstairs to meet her, with cameras in tow
9:55- She came down from her 16thfloor condo unit
10:00-as we rode her car, (while the camera was rolling) she recieved a call her 2nd kid, Maxine was bitten by a small lab rat
10:15-we drove to her school to pick her up
10:30-arrived at Makati Med to have the kid checked up
11:00-Doctor said everything's safe
11:30-headed to the makati sports club for lunch-sira ang diet ko, waah
12:30-dropped maxine to her school, and pleaded not to follow her (the kid was too conscious about the camera)
1:30-Went to Melanie's school where she's finishing her master's
3:30pm-went home to change, gave me some mormon books
4:00pm-reached the Manila polo club and mader melanie went swimming with the kids
5:00-ate tuna sandwhich and fries.
6:30-dropped mader mel on her condo unit, what a long day.