Thursday, August 18, 2005

I think I have a better place to put my P100,000 had I acquired it

For a 10x10 feet store similar to a Divisoria pwesto, my instinct, (and common sense)tells me you wouldn't certainly get your money's worth if you invest on your 100,000 (excluded the items, take note) selling children's accesories/ teens apparel in the middle of a middle class neigborhood. The 100T is only paying for Jolina's name. You, in the event you decide to franchise on Jolen's name, must also buy 100thou worth of accesories from them as well.
In fairness to Jolens, she would fully support the project, with a motorcade, countless promotions on TV (like this one) and of course access to her and her family.
Pero hell, P200,000 pa rin yun if you think about it.