Monday, August 22, 2005

Kids breaking in the biz has a high probablity of being gay in their adult phase
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Dolly Anne Carvajal and IC mendoza, Venue 108, Timog Ave, Q.C.-August 22, 2005
And this is not to say that it is a negative thing, I adore IC Mendoza! What a great kid. His mother Dolly has come to terms with the fact that her son is gay, and I find that cool because not many moms would. She even bashed (well almost but since this woman is highly educated, she resorted on being politically correct) a rising teen actor in defense of her son. (article) Dolly Ann is daughter of the late queen of showbiz talk shows Ms. Inday Badiday. Ms. Dolly is a showbiz columnist for the Inquirer and is a TV host before. IC Mendoza is breaking into the biz as a segment host for S-Files.