Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hale and drag queens back to back!- Padi's Point, Cubao
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Okay, so the whole set-up at Padi's Point was not the way it was planned.
And I know mixing up Hale and Ian and the Closet Queens was not a smart idea either, I could only imagine Hale's throngs of fans (including birthday girl MM) horrified, but Hale and the drag queens proved to be a hit.
Upon Champ's entrance, I striked a conversation and I immediately mentioned we're brothers & sisters in the church. So we already established a connection and called each other "kapatid". The poor guy is sick, with a sapin sa likod and tupperware-clad water in tow. These guys were easy to work with, with no whims and demands and I'm pleased to also note while I hardly know their songs nor I am a fan, now I think I am. :)