Tuesday, May 16, 2006

[walang picture, anong silbi mag-effort?]

PRICE WATCH SA M3GA-Q-MARKETPLACE (or something to that effect)
Cubao, Q.C.
I couldn't care less if N3PA-Q-MART changed its name to something else.
Nakalimutan kong ilagay sa "hates" side ng blog na ito ang PALENGKE. I super dread having to hold coverages in the wet market. Hindi ako maarte; aba namamalengke kaya ako, I just think "price watch" are supposedly the straight NEWS program's jobs to take care of. I think wasting more than three hours in a fetid market with flying roaches and getting your poor crew get their asses down and dirty isn't worth it at all. But typically holding our events here usually means one thing: Walang Storya.