Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A mouthful of SH's

Segment Title: Showgirl showdown with sheree and shirley
[with shelly as my researcher]

Still with me?
Ms. O Ballroom and restaurant, West Ave.
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This segment will be dedicated to my researcher, shelly.
Dear Shelly Bonelli,
Never have I've worked with a researcher with such fervor and passion with what she does. Don't let a stupid measly dispute make you give up all what you've earned in this biz. Shit happens, but like I always tell you, the good events outnumbers the bad ones, I'm really proud of you.
You know you're smart, you have the drive, you know you're one of the best.
So one more attempt at resigning I'm gonna spank you really hard. Bruha ka.
Ate Teng