Wednesday, June 25, 2008

At. long. laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast!

UH Mobile Tambayan 1st birthday!
Mini Serbisyong totoo fair
Brgy 185 Caloocan

I wanted to cry Hahaha.
I am so proud of my researcher Kaye Imson for being able to mount this pre-production with minimal supervision.
Special thanks to everyone in Unang Hirit---my teammates who became part of the action- Suzette Dela Cruz, Marlvin Consignado, Raymond Alinea, Jari Camero, Kuya Choi Angel, our director Direk Stanley Jamon,to Nesty the greatest floor director on the planet, the most creative art director Budz Gaen & his team, to the features team who willingly risked sleeping time to be able to lend a hand- ate Jasm Suarez, Aubrey, Shiela,Lowel, Ayi,Ate Monday , to our production administrator ate sharon, to the hosts, to the guests to the other staff from other shows, Imbestigador, Wish Ko Lang, Art Angel, to those I forgot to mention.. From the cameramen, audiomen, technical assistants, service drivers, grips, ENG team... basically each and everyone who became a part of this project.
Thank you, thank you po!