Monday, June 23, 2008

Suzi's birthday- Last minute changes

Where will I start?
***long sigh***

Sunday, June 22.2008 Notes from the last minute change of live event due to the storm Two weeks ago, we have conceptualized a segment for Ms. Suzi Entrata-Abrera's birthday. Suzi's one of the host in UH. Everything was working well until the storm hit over the weekend, causing our live event to change and we have to start from square one. >>sadface<<, Sunday- Typhoon Frank was still lashing Manila. I reported for work, with my tatay driving me to the station 9ish-Navotas, Manila. We waded (the service vehicle rather) in water. Driver was apprehensive because we might lose breaks. Location is Navotas, which is typically the hardest hit in the metro whenever there's huge rain. 11pm-Finalized the event to be held at some public school which was turned into a temporary shelter for "informal settlers" by the bay- a politically correct way of saying "homeless people" or "squatters" From the original concept of having a mini sportsfest for suzi's birtday, it was turned into a sort of "Suzi gives back" day. Her relatives were very helpful to lend a hand to feed the homeless. I'm halfway done with the hellweek. Wednesday is yet to come. Funny video behind the scenes: Our cameramen Kuya Ricky and Kuya Mark bickering.