Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Special with "Muli" stars Alfred Varg@s & C@rrie Lee

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Amezcua Spa & Wellness Center, Katipunan cor White Plains, Q.C.
1. Set aside personal issues kapag live. Always think na the criticisms are supposedly constructive.
2. Huwag rin isipin na may mga taong galit sa valentine's day
3. Alfred V@rgas was such a packing lousy cook. I want to seriously slash his throat for taking forever to saute prawns. Arrrgh
4. Teng + cooking segments= not a pretty sight
5. Halfway na ng hell week, Can't wait til friday

On a more positive note:
1. The Spa is so beautiful I wanna take my asawa there when he gets his sexy ass here kiliiiig super