Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hell no, tell me you didn't do that to the chickens

8th Kinulob Festival-Mabini, Batangas



I do not have any attachment nor affinity to chickens the same way as I view pigs or other any four-legged animals; Manok for me is edible. I do not get all angry, teary-eyed or go "aaaaw" whenever I'd see a chicken being slaughtered on TV, but must they do this to my semi-favorite meat? Dress them up before having to devour them?
Hell no.
Kinulob is a Batangueno word and an old-fashioned way of broiling chicken. This is how they do it in Mabini, Batangas. To commemorate their proud ways of broiling chicken old skul, they've initiated a festival in honor or it along with their patron saint. Most funny thing, I was there for more than five hours but when it was time for us to be fed, Mayor's staff served us hefty amounts of pork. How funny is that?
Where have all the chickens gone?