Sunday, May 01, 2005

This is not part of any of my coverages but...

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The image made me shudder. TJ used to be in UH but the guy made some career move, which never actually had any effect on the show. He used to be our remote host, along with Redge. I have some vivid memories of this guy as he was the host that made my naive head (then) hurt back when I was just starting out. I remember last year when I first produced a segment in an Antipolo Fiesta, I kept on running to and from his vehicle to inform me that we'd go on air in less than a minute. The guy is always found sleeping in his car. That was his last episode with UH--last week of April 2004, An episode I produced. He was teary eyed after the show, he even brought Rio, the woman he would soon marry, and introduced her to us. He hugged all of us and my boys (Newsvan cameramen) kept teasing him about leaving the show. Oh well. Time flies.