Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ocean Adventure??

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Ocean Adventure-April 28, 2005, Subic
That was some adventure indeed. The location was surrounded by water but they failed to provide even just a glass of it. Thank God Lyn was a darling, (read: not her usual pasaway self) and went along with what I wanted her to do. For the first time, she claimed, she wore pair a shorts. She even had to sit through the searing heat and all that because the cue from the studio to have our segment air took quite a while. She didn't mind Brandy the sea lion flapped its stinky flippers causing her shoulders to slightly stink a bit. She even brought baby gabby with her. Her mother was really nice. Production-wise, albeit the countless exchange of fury from the studio, we were able to get over this episode.

And no, no amount of Apology would make my heart change over what I thought of the people from Ocean Adventure. Stupid people.

I've covered countless places which was shittier than Ocean adventure but this was extremely ridiculous. Water? for crying out loud they didn't gave my crew a drop of water to quench their thirst. How completely fucked up was that? We had to endure a three-hour drive to that fucked up location to cover that place (something that they should have been grateful for the media mileage) but NOOO...
Don't get me wrong, I didn't even demand for food. I simply asked if my crew could at least drink, since we've been slaving our asses there under the sun. Had the place been near a business district or where there'd be access to food I would have no problems buying them for my boys. Gawd.
That's how Adventure left Ocean.
And for the killer line folks, this is what made yours truly fume even more.
Ma'am, sino pong magbabayad ng kinakainin nila Lyn Ching?
I fucking give up. Apparently these people have no idea how to be courteous to media visitors.