Sunday, April 10, 2005

Si Teng at si Efren from "Darna"---I made Narda disappear

Dennis Trillo's House- San Mateo, Rizal-April 4,2005
As part of Darna's promotion, we barged in at Dennis Ho's (or rather, as what most people know him of--Dennis Trillo) home. Everything sucked in this particular event-It was an ocular set-up. meaning, it wan't seen nor a signal check from the OB van wasn't conducted prior to the event. It was drizzling... no, erase that. It was POURING, and his house was perched literally uphill. The pavement was so slippery caused by the downpour that when Marlvin, my trusty researcher tried to walk uphill to ring the Ho's house (that doesn't sound too good now does it?) He almost slipped. To make matters worse, my service driver was new and got lost on the way to pick up redge. (my host) which eventually talked to her manager which then talked to my PUM and the list went on. As always, we made it through, and Dennis Ho is such a darling that all the stuff which fucked up was eventually overshadowed by the Ho's family's great reception to my crew. Sigh. That was pretty long.