Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Mulawin Set/ Valentines with Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez -San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan February 14, 2005
This was probably one of the most smooth-sailing events I had. The only glitch (well, almost glitchy) was that showbiz script took forever to be handed to us. But after that, everything went awfully well that it almost felt foreign for me.

"MELLANISMS"-Melanie Marquez Coverage- Pan Pacific Hotel, Malate-Feb 10, 2005
I love this hotel. This hotel confirmed roughly about eight hours before our agreed arrival time. Sadly Ms. Melanie wasn't here when this photo was taken. She immediately packed up because of some appointment. This is my second favorite. My EP was calling not because of some glitch we did, but to prolong our segment. Mellanisms were hilarious. Some of the lines she uttered during the show:

...Kasi si Ricky LO jine-JET-DOWN yung mga linya ko
...Don't personalize me. Hindi naman ako namemersonal eh.

Man, That was utterly hilarious! Gotta have that tape.

Jolina's resthouse in Tagaytay-Filipinas Farms, Tagaytay-January 10, 2005
Still remains as one my absolute favorite live remote events I have ever produced.To date, at least. Jolina and her folks are one of the most down to earth people (considering their opulent background and all that)I've ever met. Most of the well-off cretins i had the privilege of rubbing elbows and drank champaigne with (haha, erase the latter) were either a bunch of dicks or just plain shallow. But hands down to this woman and her family. They rock. Daddy Jun (Jolen's dad) himself cooked breakfast for my crew, now how cool is that.
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This was taken atop the very vantage point where we held our live, the same place our reporters were seen during news when they do a live feed from the North Cemetery. Only ten of us--see pic below, were permitted in our station's set-up lest that the roof of the small masoleum will fall down. It was quite an experience. I wouldn't diss out what happened on the rival station's experience... Unless you ask me. :)

Fernando Poe Jr. Funeral Coverage-Manila- December 20-22 2004
Sto. Domingo church became my second home during this coverage. I was there 24 hours, sleeping in the OB Van. I would sleep in the night and throngs of people will be outside in line waiting for their turn to see FPJ's remains. I'd wake up seeing the same volume of people, it was a sea of flowing people nonstop.

Gising-Giling-Subic Bay, Olongapo October 10, 2004
I don't remember much about this but cursing for the Subic Bay People for not giving hotel rooms for my hosts. Then again, thankfully everything worked out well.
It should, after all the bloody hardwork. I spent sleeping the entire trip on the way to Subic and returning back to base.

Angel Festival- Santa Maria, Bulacan- September 29, 2004
Similar with the Subic Event, I fell asleep throughout the trip. I was a researcher then for Ate Carol. The live went good. Eagle and Regine were Darlings, as always.