Thursday, April 14, 2005

The crazy episode that was Westin

UH Live sa Westin-April 13, 2005, Westin Philippine Plaza, Manila
This is what goes behind the Segment of Boses ng Masa.
Maui Taylor was a guest co-host, although she didn't do much but attempted to dance with my Lola Regine--dancing would not do justice, she was merely bobbing her boobs and pretending to do so. I could've sworn she looked like an overgrown Mahal, contrary to the men's ogling of course. That bitch was totally snobbish and standoffish to the rest of the staff. heck,even to Redge herself. Probably insecure, I don't know.
Tropical Depression Brought the house-er-hotel-er-our set down with their amazing Reggae music that words weren't able to describe. What a performance! I was starstruck with them I wasn't even able to muster up the courage to pose for a picture. Hmp.
Westin was easier than the Island Cove episode where the entire staff was running around not quite sure what to do and which task to pick it's almost stupid. I guess it all boils down to proper distribution/organization of tasks.
While I, spend a fraction of the pre-coverage lounging sleeping and taking mirror images of myself.