Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Who wants to be a Beauty Queen?

How to be a Beauty Queen workshop by Alma Concepcion- CityLifestyle, Timog Ave, Q.C. April 12,2005
While my boss commended that this coverage went well, I was not satisfied. First off, this doesn't really correlate with me in anyway! The location, I surmise, lack something that could actually mix well with the girls. (for crying out loud, we were in a gym!...which by the way wasn't shown on the photo.) You see, Alma (with the Camera) is holding a workshop for wannabe beauty-queens for summer. So I bet, roughly, 5-10 thousand bucks per student. But geez, what are the odds? All she mentioned were walking and posture, things that even an average jane could get from the internet in just a click. Oh well. She was really cool though, see the pic.